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Momentum Labs.

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Curious About Our Culture?

Momentum Labs is a start-up studio, boutique consultancy, and growth partner innovating at the intersection of technology, business, and social impact. 

At our Start-Up Studio, we are on a mission to introduce new initiatives and ventures in Palestine by taking in-house R&D projects from concept to product. We specialize in verticals that build on existing local industries.

We invest in idea-stage ventures, as well as design and launch our own ventures in-house. 

Our boutique consultancy specializes in high-precision evidence-based intelligence. One of our earlier ventures is MENA Analytics, a polling firm which specializes in high-precision data collection. Tools and access provided by MENA Analytics help our clients collect primary data in a timely, accurate and effective manner. 

Our focus at Momentum Labs is to build on the data collected and implement data-driven strategies for a broad mix of private, public, and social sector organizations locally and regionally. 

Combining our venture building with sector-specific consultancy expertise, we act as a growth partner for startups, corporates and organisations.

We offer our ‘startup-studio as a service’ to new ventures looking to set up shop and corporates looking to grow through introducing new products.

We also work with civil society organisations and development agencies to design beneficiary-driven programmes that address pressing socioeconomic needs.

Managing Director

Sari Taha

Sari Taha is a co-founder and Managing Director at Momentum Labs. He is an Entrepreneurship and Technology sector expert. He is also a CrossFit enthusiast and enjoys electronic music!

Director of Research

Zayne Abudaka

Zayne is a co-founder and Director of Research at Momentum Labs. He is an expert in economic research with an in-depth understanding of various sectors in the Palestinian economy. He is also an avid reader, and host of the progressive and arabic-language Masa7a Podcast.

Zayne abudaka
Director of Operations

Hammam Othman

Hammam is the Director of Operations at Momentum Labs. He has extensive experience in setting up and growing businesses and operations with a focus on business development for startup companies. He is also an environmental enthusiast, a fan of good food, and nature!

Principal Consultant

Yousef Srouji

Yousef Srouji is a principal consultant at Momentum Labs. He has extensive experience in data analysis, economic research, and business advisory. He is also a filmmaker, dog-lover, and a self-described philosopher!

Lead Researcher

Amal Hjouj

Amal Hjouj is a researcher and business analyst at moment labs with extensive experience focused on the Palestinian economy and private sector, as well as civil society organizations. She is also an avid cat mama, gardener, and anthropologist!

Research Associate

Ghaida Shaban

Ghaida Shaban is a Research Associate at Momentum Labs. She has extensive experience in instructional design, research, and digital learning experiences. She is also a passionate biker, enjoys outdoor activities, and nature!

Research Associate

Ahmad Staitia

Ahmad Staitia is a Research Associate at Momentum Labs. He utilizes his analytical capabilities to generate actionable insights and visualizations. Ahmad is also a curious explorer of nature, psychology, and spiritual teachings. 

This Is Our

Visionary Team.

We pride ourselves in having a multidisciplinary team with a deep understanding of various aspects of the Palestinian, regional, and global landscape.